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Syros Nautical Club is organizing an Open Water Swimming race, as part of the Maritime Week’s events that will take place in the island of Syros, from June 16th to June 23rd 2019. The athletic event will be held on Sunday, June 23rd 2019 with the distinctive title of “Waterway to Faros”.

Plunge into the Aegean Sea and clock-up 1,00 Km and 2,5 km distance between the port of Ermoupolis city and small island of Didimi, two open water swimming races to take on in 2019. The imprint of both courses will be defined through the usage of professional GPS systems and will be marked with buoys 1.50m in height and with a circular cross section of 0.90m.  

This is NOT the case for those who register or for those who settle the payment of their subscription after this date.

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Just a few words about the ‘acquaintance’ with the Lighthouse/Faros

The Sea Crossing Swimming Event is organized so that the residents of Syros, of Greece and of people living abroad will get to learn about the historic and timeless value of the Lighthouse which constitutes a monument of the Cultural Heritage of our nation.

The stone Lighthouse which is located at the Gaidouronissi(Didimi), just across the entrance of the port, is a work of the Bavarian architect Johan Erlacher.

The lighthouse of the island was founded with royal expenses on 25th January 1834 and its operation was standardized during 1844-47. Its monumental characteristics –the  cylindrical tower is 29,5m. and its focal plane 68,3m.- cannot be justified by its function, since it is not a Cape Lighthouse.

It has been associated with the first tour of King Othonas of the Aegean islands in 1833 and the deepest desire of the residents of Hermoupolis to highlight the importance of their port and establish its position on a national scale. It was the first lighthouse with a rotating mechanism. Alongside with the Lighthouse of Spetses(1837), it belongs to a special type of lighthouse construction, with a house on the floor building. Its size and range have triggered popular stories and legends that its radiance reached as far as Smyrni.

It should be stressed that Stylianos Lykoudis has been the inspiration and architect of the Greek Lighthouse network, which has linked his name to its development. He was born on 23rd March 1878, in Hermoupolis, Syros. He had already been a sea captain when he submitted reports and research studies to his Department about the appropriate illumination of the Greek shores and coasts.

After a series of unbelievable problems, refusals and denials, as is usual within the peculiar Greek bureaucratic context, he managed to set up one of the most perfect Lighthouse networks worldwide, simultaneously creating the Hellenic Department of Lighthouses, which was most probably the first official Department of Lighthouses in the World. The Lighthouse was included in the Hellenic Lighthouse Network after the Balkan Wars in 1912-13.

Part of it was destroyed during World War II. It was restored in 1948 and has been in full operation ever since emitting a white light beacon every 6 seconds.