Waterway to Faros


Syros Nautical Club in the context of the events of the ‘Maritime Week 2019’, which will take place on the island of Syros from 16th to 23rd of June, is organizing an Open Water Swimming Race carrying the distinct title:

Waterway to Faros

The water sport event is going to be comprised of two sea-routes of 1000m and of 2500m and are going to be held on Sunday 23rd June, 2019, at 09:15. The primary purpose of the race is to make a first contact with the highlighting of the Historic Value of the Lighthouse that is located at the isle of Didimi and constitutes a Monument of Cultural Legacy of our Nation.

The swimmers are going to be transported by speedboats (a 6’ sea route) at the starting point and our Port is going to be the finishing line.

The isle lies within the administrational boundaries of the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and its distance from the Port of Hermoupolis is 4200m. (2,26 nautical miles) (Megali Aggali-Port)

 Brief Historical Background: The City Council of our island with the 16th meeting on 30/05/2011 and the article number 156 decision, started an effort of constituting and operating a 5-member committee so as to highlight the Lighhouse on the isle of Didimi, on the proposal of the former municipal councilor, Andreas Tzinis. On our contact with the person in charge of the Lighthouse Service Department, we were informed that the study- report to restore the Lighthouse was never carried out.

After oral proposals of members of the Nautical Club of Syros, coming from Syros or not, athletes of all sports, but also of Mr.Nikos Sidiropoulos,Mr. Simos Papageorgiou and Mr. Takis Papoutsas, the board of the Nautical Club on its meeting on 07-09-2018 (10th Meeting, topic No.8), unanimously decided the realization of Swimming Races, having the Lighthouse of the isle of Didimi as its central focus.

 On the Meeting of 02-11-2018 (13th Meeting, topic No 11), the board of SNC (Syros Nautical Club) unanimously decided to offer the revenues coming from the entrance fees of swimmers taking part in the races and of selling of souvenirs, to the actual implementation of the study report to Attach-Restore-Reuse the Lighthouse of the isle of Didimi of Syros and the potential construction of a Museum on the isle of the Lighthouse.

It’s worth mentioning that there has been a relevant Dissertation at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens, of Mrs. Vassiliki Savvatianou, MSc Architect, under the supervision of Dr. N. Marda and Scientific Councillor the Deputy Professor Dr. N. Bellavilla.

On the 03-11-2018 Meeting (5th Meeting, Topic No. 5), the Organizing Committee of the MARITIME WEEK 2019 unanimously decided to approve the proposals of Syros Nautical Club regarding the swimming races and the fund raising events to carry out a study-report on the Lighthouse.

Actions: Syros Nautical Club has contacted the Lighthouse Service Department for any further procedures that need to be done. The Lighthouse belongs to the Hellenic Navy, while the isle as far as the administration is concerned belongs to the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and constitutes the ABK 20 public property of the Land Authority Agency with the No. 290455801001. In the immediate future there will be an official call for the carrying out of the study-report on the project along with its cost evaluation.

P.S. It should be particularly noted that the Architect Johann B. Erlacher during 1834 – 1839, is the very same person that designed both the Lighthouse and the building of the Boathouse, which actually houses Syros Nautical Club.

The Races are launched and carried out according to the regulations of FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) and HSF (Hellenic Swimming Federation).

The final approval of the Notice of the races is still anticipated and is going to be posted on the both the website of Syros Nautical Club and of Maritime Week Syros.

                               On behalf of the Secretariat of Syros Nautical Club


                               the Organizing Committee of Maritime Week Syros 2019