The Purpose of the Maritime Week


The Revival of the Maritime Week

 Organizing Entities and Associations/Clubs of Syros decided to revive the 2019 ‘Maritime Week’, an institution that ceased to exist as time went by.

The reasons that led to the cancellation of the ‘Maritime Week’ are known to everybody and need not to be mentioned hereby.

Almost 10 years later the Syros Nautical Club, the Retired Seafarer’s Association, The Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis, the South Aegean Region, The Municipal Port Fund of Syros, the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce, Syros Lyceum of Greek Women, the Dancing Club ‘The Wisdom of Tradition’, the Association of Seafarer’s Wives ‘Anchor’, Syros Runners, Commercial Association of Hermoupolis, the Association of Retired Navy Officers and the O.E.TH.A, as co-organizers will revive the “Maritime Week 2019”.

 We decided to dedicate the Maritime Week 2019 to the Hellenic Merchant Marine.

The Naval History of Syros is well-known all over the Greek State for the human resources that has offered and still does so to the Hellenic Merchant Marine.

The incubators of experts, captains, engineers that have contributed in organizing and developing Greek Shipping can be found in Syros: Merchant Marine Academy of Syros for Marine Deck Officers, Shipyards, engineering venues.

Having a heavy legacy and history, it is indicative that in 1861 when Neorion Shipyard is founded, the first shipyard in Greece and several other smaller shipyards, too, 80 ships per year were constructed in its premises.

 A cited point of reference in the history of Syros is the construction of the first Greek Steamship in 1854.

Syros has kept on maintaining up to now the small boatyards, the Neorio Shipyard, the Merchant Marine Academy of Syros for Marine Deck Officers and the Shipping Department of the Vocational High School.

Many schools that visit our island during their educational trips get to know all these venues, learn their history and alongside all the other beautiful characteristics of our island fill their spiritual luggage with knowledge that cannot be taught at school.

The purpose of the Maritime Week is to remind the elder ones and teach the younger ones through the events, of the values and the importance of the history and the heritage of our island that younger people have to take over and continue to preserve.

The photographic material that is presented on site offers a complete picture of the history of Syros “A picture is a thousand words”

On behalf of the Organizing Committee.