Reviving the Maritime Week…

Reviving the Maritime Week…

Organizing Entities and Associations/Clubs of Syros decided to revive the 2019 ‘Maritime Week’, an institution that ceased to exist as time went by.

  Almost 10 years later the Syros Nautical Club, the Retired Seafarer’s Association, The Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis, the South Aegean Region, The Municipal Port Fund of Syros, the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce, Syros Lyceum of Greek Women, the Dancing Club ‘The Wisdom of Tradition’, the Association of Seafarer’s Wives ‘Anchor’, Syros Runners, Commercial Association of Hermoupolis, the Association of Retired Navy Officers and the O.E.TH.A, as co-organizers will revive the “Maritime Week 2019”.

On Saturday 2nd June 2018, at 11:30, the Organizing Committee during its conference was set up to be represented as follows:

President: Milios Georgios

Secretary-General: Kritikou Ourania

Management Committee: Kosmas Dimitris, Lagoudakis Stratos, Alexandris Vangelis

The Organizing Committee unanimously (alongside with representatives on behalf of all the co-organizers) decided that the events are going to take place from 16/06/2019 to 23/06/2019.

Our objective is to connect the History of our country, to highlight the importance of our tradition and of Greek Culture, the History of Greek Navigation and Shipping, to honour the glorious Hellenic Naval and Coast Guard Units, to pinpoint the tradition of the Merchant Marine and of Nautical Art.

The sea has always been a key resource of Greeks life style, and endless story that unites and obsesses an entire nation, which we have the obligation to protect and respect.

 The events of the “Maritime Week 2019” are supported by the Association of Amateur Fishermen of Syros, the Sea Scouts of Syros, the Traditional Syros Workshop “Aroma of Tradition”, the Holy Metropolis of Syros, the Hellenic Coast Guard of Syros and the Hellenic Navy Base of Syros.


Tuesday 1st August 2018

Maritime Week 2019

Address: 9 Akti Katadromikou Elli st.

Contact at: 2281088666-6982555707

Phone number of the President of the Organizing Committee: 6972212533


On behalf of the organizing committee we express our deepest feeling of satisfaction about the events that will take place and a feeling of gratitude about the important effort that all the involved stakeholders have invested illustrating team spirit and prudence.

     We truly hope to be a model of inspiration for future initiative of this kind.


                  The President of the Organizing Committee,

                                         Georgios Milios